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I notice this article in the News...

Dutch teen sailor Laura Dekker completes solo world tour

She has cut six months off the unofficial record set in 2010 by Australian teenager Jessica Watson, who was days away from her 17th birthday when she completed her own non-stop voyage.

Miss Dekker's parents, Dick Dekker and Babs Muller, her grandparents and her sister Kim, as well as a 400-strong crowd of well-wishers - on shore and in small boats - welcomed her when she docked at 7pm on Saturday night.

They jumped and cheered as Miss Dekker stepped off her yacht, Guppy, and waved.
I wondered if there might be a link to Watson Pharmacy here in Chiang Mai near Rimping.

The name Guppy could also mean any of the following, , me and my wife have purchase quite a few on the Old San Sai Road, it could also lead to , and .

I also used to watch a Guppy plane from my house in Ellesmere Port that used to fly from , I also once had a flying lesson there. I also knew a guy named Guppy who I once did some Electrical work at his house, and a guy on a stolen motor cycle hit me in the front of my car.

I'll look into it a bit more, because there might also be a link to Reg Watson and his wife Wendy.

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