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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Always nice to see tg taking an interest in these type of threads..
My interest lies in showing how moronic these claims are.

Not sure who you would consider "real researchers" ... Many would think benjamin fulford is one (the guy interviewing SP in this video) .. he has a very interesting Bio ...
Oh I use it in the loosest possible terms. The clue was in paying lip service to actual evidence unlike Mad Parky

Perhaps the most noteworthy part of that video from bamboozooka is at 10:30... SP talks about an audio recording from the "dark web" he was sent purporting to be a top politician torturing a child . SP sent it through his contacts to Langley CIA base where it was 'voice print checked' and confirmed to be Podesta . The agent said it would be included in the criminal charges being prepared.
Good old Parky....and of course you believe his claim. He "sent it through his contacts" did he As opposed to you or I just making a phone call and following data submission instructions

He is a liar. There's tons of that shit all over yoootub already.
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