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Here's a Christmas special from SP comparing music at 440Hz with 432Hz ...


And that seems a good note on which to wind down this thread ....

In the new year I have no plans to make further posts here....

I Know !!... I can hear all your howls of despair .. I know how much you all look forward to these fortnightly posts , particularly tg and thermion (for these two I have a special treat to do with Von Braun coming up latter in this post).

First I should make a statement clarifying my position with regard to SP.

Beyond doubt his story is true ... his information comes (he says) partly from ET's , partly from sources in intelligence agencies , so there is much of value in his material , and I will still keep an eye on him .. But he is allied with an ET group the Mantids ...willingly cooperating with them . The goal of the mantids is to repopulate Earth with mantid/human hybrids ... SP himself has said this ... and I have brought attention to this at least twice in my posts here , telling people to watch out , that you cannot trust those mantid buggers....

Call me a narrow minded speciesist , but I don't find the prospect of Earth being populated by these type of creatures appealing...

I have always been wary of ET's intentions .. often saying they all have an agenda... and this was brought home to me in this following channeling session ..... the medium is channeling the higher self of a SSP whistlblower Elena .

Aparently Von Braun was working on designing craft for the SSP , Elena is in contact with Von Braun and she asks a question on his behalf ...

The whole video is awesome , and the information resonated very strongly with me . The medium , channeling the very highest source implies no ETs we come in contact should be trusted .... there are higher realm beings who are more powerful than the manipulators and they will step in if needed , but only as a last resort.

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