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November 15 2016
A pre-inquest review was due to take place on Monday, but has now been postponed until March. [2017]

West Sussex County Council said the full inquest was now likely to be held late 2017, but was "very dependent" on the police investigation.

A lawyer representing some of the victims' families described "a measure of frustration" at the news.
sure. I'm sure the police can slow down the "investigation" at will.

Specialist aviation lawyer James Healey Pratt said the victims' families had full confidence in the coroner and the investigation.
He said the pre-inquest hearing was being delayed until March as a decision by the CPS on whether to bring charges was due then.
He also revealed the families had been invited to a meeting in Farnborough on 19 December, at which they would be told the results of the AAIB investigation.
Sussex Police's report is not expected until the new year at the earliest.

West Sussex Senior Coroner Penelope Schofield said the decision to postpone the pre-inquest review was "not taken lightly", particularly as she was anxious to ensure the inquests were dealt with in a timely manner.
But it was anticipated little progress could be made with the police and AAIB report still outstanding, she added.
How's it looking, then?

The speed, height and thrust followed in the Hunter were "very similar" to another aircraft that the pilot had flown during displays in the run up to the Shoreham event, AAIB principal inspector Julian Firth said.
He added that it was possible "the pilot recalled the wrong numbers, essentially mixing up the two aircraft".
sure he did.

He was interviewed on seven occasions by AAIB investigators but because of restrictions advised by his doctors they were not able to question him about his conduct during the flight, the AAIB said.
Mr Hill did not recall events between the evening of August 19 and regaining consciousness in hospital after the accident.
He was therefore able to describe his normal practice but not the events on the day of the crash.
Lucky, that. And a miraculous, 1 trillion to one survival from the fireball.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Rymarz said officers will now begin looking at the AAIB's report with their independent experts.

He said: "We have been waiting some time for this report and it will take us some time to review.
Our progress has been dependent on this final report and as a result of the ruling in the High Court, much of the material contained in it has not been seen by the investigation team until now.
"We hope to do everything we can to submit a file of material to the CPS in advance of the pre-inquest review on June 20. **
"As we have said before, this is an extraordinarily complex investigation, *** but we remain committed to finding answers for the families and friends of those who died.
*** aka an extraordinarily complex and tricky psy-op cover-up
** Two months before the second anniversary of the "crash".

Here's Julian "safe pair of hands" Firith

involved half the AAIB organisation.... that's very complex and comprehensive. seven inspectors were assigned full time to the simulation, sorry investigation of the "crash", a top priority.
Julian Firth

Airline Pilot
Company Name Monarch Airlines
Dates Employed 2000 – 2004 Employment Duration 4 yrs Location

and here's "thorough investigation" Crispin Orr of the AAIB, their "Chief Investigator" -

Crispin - "....this kind of thing" can be prevented in the future"
Crispin Orr
Chief Inspector of Air Accidents

Company Name 662 Sqn AAC
Dates Employed 2002 – 2004 Employment Duration 2 yrs Location Wattisham

Capability Integration
Company Name MOD
Dates Employed Aug 2004 – Aug 2006 Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 mo Location London, United Kingdom

Strategic Plans
Company Name JHCHQ
Dates Employed Aug 2006 – Jun 2008 Employment Duration 1 yr 11 mos Location Wilton

Company Name Military Air Accident Investigation Branch
Dates Employed Apr 2014 – Sep 2015 Employment Duration 1 yr 6 mos Location Farnborough

Company Name Defence Accident Investigation Branch
Dates Employed Oct 2015 – Dec 2016 Employment Duration 1 yr 3 mos

A very safe pair of hands indeed.

Here's the AAIB simulation of the "crash" published MArch 3 2017

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