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Default Chimney pot phenomenon

You will probably have noticed on the tv,includeing adverts and films pictures of chimney pots.At the end of this video i will give a few video links.go look for yourself why they put them him is beggars belief.SOme are small soome are huge and some are painted red and white,recently ive seen one in eminems video fall.
4 seconds in look do you see it.
lucas graham 7yrs old 2:45
twix advert 37 seconds in
Chimney pots are on police interceptors,a hulk film.James bond film where he drops the baddy from the helicopter down the chimney heres the link to that
007 look at 3:32 theyre every where.When the news comes on theyre eve on there.What seems to happen is theyre just little tiny few seconds of chimney,and you know what i think they are subliminal optical scenes to reinforce the cematory at the death camps in ww2 just my opinion.
Keep looking and you will see pics videos all over.x x x x
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