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Default Canada legalizes recreational marijuana

These were the bold headlines to this DI article ....

Canada about to become largest country in the world to completely legalise recreational marijuana...By Jaymie Icke

I thought " there has to be a catch !" ...completely means completely

I'm not sure which the 1st country was to legalize it ??? In Amsterdam you have been able to buy hash and weed in coffee shops for decades .. But I was locked up (for one night) for growing some plants in my flat ... it was never fully legalized , the prices were the same as the UK ...

In any country where it was "completely" legalized the prices would drop to about 10% of what they are now ... unfortunately most growers don't like that idea , neither do the cabal.

Searching more about Canada I find ...

"Adults will be able to possess up to 30 grams of pot and grow as many as four plants of any size per household; otherwise, additional regulations maybe be enacted at the province level....
Americans who are planning to travel to the country in the near future should know that it won’t be a complete cannabis free-for-all – fewer than 200 retailers country-wide will be open for business on Day One. On the West Coast, British Columbia will have just one government-run marijuana store, in the city of Kamloops, to start. On the east coast, Montreal will have quite a few more options, with 12 marijuana shops set to open on Wednesday, and another three to follow by the end of the month. By the end of the year, there will be 20 cannabis stores up and running across Quebec, all of which will be monopolized by the government-run Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC), an offshoot of the government’s liquor store monopoly. While Quebec has handed control over to the local government, other provinces are planning to spread the wealth and issuing licenses to private distributors."

So it's a long way from legalization , government permits and regulations to keep the prices high "

Still it's a step in the right direction .

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