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Originally Posted by sniper13x View Post
The concept that humans have free will in THIS existence is complete 100% bullshit. You have no control over your next thought, you have no control over where your thoughts will go. We are living in duality, and our bi-polar brain is insane. It never shuts up, it is always speaking in the background no matter what you try to do. Your mind is in constant conflict with itself because it has been disconnected from your spirit/intuition/soul. The mind was supposed to serve who we really are, not lead it. Unfortunately humans are trapped here, being forced to observe this reality through this limited 5 sense body.
That's a brilliant post. I agree with you, that we aren't supposed to be lead by the mind but lead by spirit. Denying, ignoring what your spirit is calling out for causes a society of crazy people....oh look! lol
It's a conflict that does drive people to insanity.
In fact I think a lot of 'mental' disorders are more situation based than brain based. Not all but a lot.

Interesting thread, but I've just confused myself lol...
My spirit gets it but my mind doesn't...
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