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Originally Posted by fingersync View Post
How so? It's simple. All humanities social and moral foundations are laid where?...with the rest of life on this planet. We haven't come-up with anything new and we certainly can't lay claim to original thought...Lizards were doing what we are doing now millions of years ago. Are we responsible for our actions given what we're told...Is the leopard responsible for killing a man? Is the man responsible for killing another fellow human being? Where does man stand on the natural need to ensure the health of the Human Herd. Are our individual actions for or against our natural drive as a sociable animal to ensure the well-being of the species? Is there a social virus in our expanding number in place to remove excess? What is evil? Is it just a natural balancing effect in the numbers game?
The simple answer to your question is that moral foundations are a human concept and dont really exist all that exists is cause and effect and that whatever is happening is meant to be happening and could never have been any other way.
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