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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
Star wars 4,5,6 is a nazi film.

Today its stolen by jewish people, trying to use its image, to damage those ideas. The jewish people that are in that community hate the way the most famous film franchise ever was a nazi film.

Todays star wars is rubbish, and they are trying to ruin its roots.

Skywalker, is another term for the swastika.

Luke skywalker is what star wars is, and skywalker, means swastika.

That says it all.

The anglo americans are luciferians, not jews. But alot of jews have a front in that hollywood stuff, and they hate the way the most film ever is a nazi film.

It shows that the nazi idea, was a hit with all over the world.
this is utter garbage

star wars is qabalistic. It is a dualistic struggle between light and dark sides of the force which are symbolically represented in freemasonry by the white and black chequered floors of their lodges

DAATH is the name of the sphere on the qabalistic tree of life that leads to the dark flip side of the qliphoth

the flaming sword is a qabalistic term for the journey down the tree of life also depicted as a flash of lightening = the lightsaber

Also on the paths of the tree of life are the words:

Hollywood is run by qabalistic jews and the movies of star wars are the product of qabalistic hollywood

The empire is NOT an 'anglo' empire. The anglos were conquered in 1066 by normans made up of frankish bloodlines that were intermarried with jewish bloodlines

the merovingeans traced their bloodlines back to SOLOMON and king david of the bible

the aristocratic bloodlines that conquered the anglos learned their kabbalistic arts in such schools as the kabbalist school run by the jewish rabbi rashi in the city of Troyes in france

A jewish state within france had been created under the merovingean count guilleme de toulouse

It is that qabalist network that controls hollywood
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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