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Default Star Wars is Illuminati Film

What is the real story IN star Wars etc? At the end of the day it is about the redemption of a child murderer.

Who would possibly want to see such a story?

A child killer. The Illuminati.

Why do you think Lucas made films 4, 5 and 6 first?

To hide the true crimes of Vader. He gets you used to the character, does a few small bad things, mainly against his own men. Bigs him up as some major bad guy but not tell us the full story, has him save Luke and save the day. He's the hero by the end.

Then he makes the prequels. Which has Vader(Anakin) killing a tribe of Tusken Raiders, men, women and children.

Then he kills the youngling Jedi trainees.

He's a fucking child killer. In a family film. Redeeming himself.

And no one seems to even blink an Eye. Like they didn't even notice.

The connection between Icke and 9/11

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