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Pythagoras, thought "we can digit every thing",many centuries ago
But for examples such as love, we can not use this rule. For solving this problem, We can use a philosophy about ghosts, The ghosts come from the God and will return to him and the love is depend on ghosts, But What we can see are just some 3D Rendered animations.

In the matrix, the God controlling the informations, our intelligence depend on our informations and our acts depend on our intelligence, so every act of us are depend on God.
In the matrix, no wish will be Reached, without God's wish because every force depend on God.
If it will be proven for every one that we live in the matrix: what will be happen to our believes and even religions,strange things such as ghosts , life after death and even final Judgment will seem possible, The god can see us everywhere however we can not see him anywhere

If the Morpheus ask us to obey him for fighting against the matrix, first he should proves that his experts, knowledge and his love to humankind is more than host of the matrix and he can prepare a better life than the matrix

In the second step He should proves that he can transfer us to outside of the matrix, Because in the matrix we can not escape from punishment of the matrix and our bodies and weapons are rendering by the matrix

If you trust Morpheus and he transfered you outside of the matrix:
How can be sure that by fighting against the matrix you will not harm the humans who live in the matrix?
If many peoples prefer to stay in the matrix, should you force them to go out?

Even if all of humans hate the matrix and can escape to outside of it, Should humans destroy the matrix and take the life of other species? Then Should the other species fight against the humans who want to take their life?
If humans decide to transfer other species to outside of the matrix, Can they transfer all of animals, fishs, plants, insects, bacterias and even viruses ?

Even if the humans can transfer all species of the earth to outside of the matrix, Then what about the other Galaxies, Should the humans destroy the matrix and all of Galaxies and other lifes in it, just for love of freedom?

A very important point in the matrix is the meaning of the zion, The zion is a promised peaceful land for Creatures freedom, but It is not Beyond the matrix because most of Creatures love the matrix as could as they understand, and if the matrix is simulated by God, then fighting against the matrix is fighting against the God, and will not lead us to God's promised land , and will not lead to peace. In the matrix, the Creature's freedom is specified by God and we can not wish an unlimited freedom

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