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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
OMG! I've never thought LOVE is so dangerous.

The devil is one of his most effective weapon.
Right. Love is the demon himself. Love will always run from you, and leave you blinded. Love is a blind spot and it weakens you. Love seems positive. But its not. Anyone ever shared love with someone, and than a short time later it comes with over blown reactions? cos love is food for demons. That’s why there is so much truth in the darkness. Not sick society psychology. Cos something is going on behind the love scenes. If you are a real outlaw (not the “middle path” haha) you begin to sense things from the darkness around us. And It shows you that this reality is way more than just our normal five senses we perceive. All the objects we see in the world, is just our limited perceptions, of whats really happening in the totality of reality. For all I know, we are just food for the moon, and we love her for it ..

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