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Do I think his blog was shut down? No, and here's why

His blog wasn't entirely original and some of it was a bit tenuous and vague. Why single out him amongst the many other bloggers who are also exposing these things?

Secondly, if we're led to believe they're trying to silence him then we also have to believe that those trying to silence him are morons. Ever since his blog went "down" there's been a couple of people working full time incessantly promoting his blog and interview

It's as if the whole David Icke forum has been hijacked and is full of stickes, bumpies, propogandists and suspicious "noobs" promoting and marketing Rik's work! Hardly an effective strategy by the planet's secret rulers. They were supposed to shut him up

Ironic that his blog should be about a staged event and that he should go on to stage an event of his own. It's a shame, because he did have a good eye for these things

Anyway, here's another good blog about similar things. Fortunately this blogger isn't "with his family" [/timid voice], nor is he victim of the Secret Service's recent purge on bloggers in Syria, Beijing, Iran and Yorkshire
All new explosive blog!
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