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Oh by the way the true path of Buddhism(label)goes well back beyond the babylon era,
there as been many more buddhas before Shakyumuni
remember there as never been a beginning and there is no end
Everyone as buddha nature,
and everyone one as karma
things are not what they seem,and most of you should know this,otherwise you would not be here in the 1st place,
there are always a few bad apples in any walk of life
in religions(labels)politics(labels)and any where else come to think of it.
ie society's,workplace,police,governments,forums etc etc,
only takes a few bad apples to upset the cart

oh and Buddhism(label)was 1st expounded in India not in Tibet,remember we are in samsara,
not in utopia.All country's have there problems,hierarchy and the like,
everything is just labels,signs and symbolism,otherwise we would be unable to function,
unless you function on another level,
and if you did you would have no need for words.

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