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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
I admit that I don't know what PrEP is. I promise to look into it, but this could take me a while.

There are different reasons why I don't believe the official story that HIV causes AIDS.

- There has never been provided any actual evidence that HIV actually causes AIDS.

- There are other causes for immune deficiency.

- If AIDS would be caused by a virus like HIV it would have spread differently.

According to Montagnier, HIV is only dangerous when the person that's infected with HIV has a weak immune system.
That's like saying that HIV only causes AIDS when you're immune deficient. In other words only when you already have AIDS when you get infected by HIV, you get AIDS...
When a Nobel Prize winning scientist says its a hoax, ppl should open threir minds a bit, and Dr Duesberg is far from the only high level scientist who says so.

And if they're right, its an unimaginably cruel hoax, people have gone insane through fear of being told they have this virus thats going to kill them, someone even went to jail recently for supposedly transmitting it.
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