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Originally Posted by greatdayforfreedom View Post
Yeah, the gutter press are bringing up his crush on David Baddiel, and being dumped by his ex boyfriend. I think the media are preparing us for a verdict of suicide.
Looks that way. Thing is he went on TV not long again saying he was happy with his life as he got older and although he had suffered from depression in the past he was getting treatment for it.

The David Baddiel thing is really cheap and should not have been put all over the internet and news after Winton had died. Also, doesn't Baddiel realise that camp gay guys talk like that to everyone! Dale Winton even talked like that to everyone on his shows saying he adored and loved them. Men like that flirt with everyone. Suggests that maybe Baddiel wanted to see more into it.

It is terrible the way the press are dragging up whatever they can on Winton.
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