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Why is it the general assumption that seeking knowledge of reality/self is egoistic and that one should seek only "love" for the sake of love, even if being almost completely unaware as to what real love even is. I'm tired of that word, it honestly seems like somebody started applying it wrongly and attempting to explain something which it was never meant to imply in English language. Understanding, being and truth seem much closer. Anyway, back to my thought: we are supposed to run away from our ego, but not just from the misconceptions of the self, but also the rewards of this journey. "I'm doing this because I love doing it" seems like a general idea and its a great idea, but there's also many things I don't always like to do that turn out to be gratifying later on and that also seem necessary.

In this journey I don't see it possible to avoid ego and what I WANT to bring to this reality, its what keeps me going and so far it seemed to be the only path that made sense to me, I'd be completely lost without purpose of the ego-self. I use this word journey, its what it is, its been for years. I don't mean it in a way that there is some causal process of getting what I want after or anything like that, but I can't seek "love" with my eyes closed and wanting to know and learn of something I have no idea of. Sorry, but I don't know what this love is and I never felt it, everything in my world so far had a price and a condition, looking for a way out based on what I know seems like some escapism, even the 2nd hand feelings based on conclusions of other people seem like projections of the mind. Good luck to anyone that can manage to sort out this mess logically.

Another false assumption that people have is that you don't need a teacher or a guide that mastered this. You can't even learn Chinese without experienced teacher, let alone this. Everything we know so far didn't come from the higher source directly to us, its been communicated through various sources some of which are simply BAD, passed around incorrectly and so on, scriptures for one. This is perhaps the biggest delusion that I've come across, that somebody can read internet guides on enlightenment or 'let it happen'. This requires disciplined thinking and awareness of various things and somebody needs to be told and shown this before knowing it for themselves, it's completely out of reach for average person. These things have been passed around in secret and not so secret schools and societies for thousands of years since 'the fall of man' and they still are. What we're all doing right now is nothing and it seems useless. Good luck stumbling across something, but we're all scrapping bits and pieces of scaterred and precious skill.

I completely intend to seek knowledge differently from now on, this absurd mess that is trying to logically and willfully come to some tremendous conclusion about this reality can quite literally lead people to insanity of their mind which seems to be the healthiest in the logical surroundings for which purposes it exists. Besides, communities online that existed until about 2012-2013 aren't even devoted to truth seeking anymore, its hard to come across something valuable these days. I fondly remember this board as it used to be and various other places where people would gather in genuine curiosity and attract various experienced individuals and I think we even learned something or were pushed in the right direction if you can even call it that.
One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. - Carl Jung

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