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Originally Posted by jimijams View Post
What you would see is what is, not a mental interpretation of what is. Look around the room now without naming things, there is a knowingness there that is non-conceptual. That knowingness (awareness) sees reality (your room) complete, yet if I were to ask you to describe what it is you saw to me would that description in words be complete? No, it is ever only a partial description of what is, and so we live our lives an interpretation. Yes, words give meaning to abstraction, but is meaning conducive with reality? Concepts are useful as descriptors, problem is though we mistake the menu for the main dish or the map for the territory.
Well, yes. All descriptions can only be partial. But the knowledge of the whole is formed from what you know via the language you use and the understanding derived.

If you see a radio for instance, it has shape, form, non-conceptual realness. Yet that is not what it is. You wouldn’t have a preformed essential knowledge to understand that you can turn it on and listen to some music, which is it’s real essential function.

Even if you knew that much you still wouldn’t know how it worked or how it was constructed without learning about it’s constituate parts and how they fit together and you can only do that via describing them, in language. So what you would be seeing is merely a surface, not the whole. The map not the terrain again. Language is not merely mental interpretation.
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