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I got interested in natto when I bought a bottle of nattokinase with serapeptase pills several years back.

I was feeling a little stiff a month or so ago so I took some and though it took away my stiffness it made me dehydrated. Luckily it was cheaper to buy the nattokinase and serapeptase pills separate or my story would have ended there. Rather than quit taking both I decided to try each one separate and it turned out to be the serapeptase that was making me feel dehydrated and foggy and had nothing to do with the nattokinase.

I looked on Ebay and found someone selling an entire 500 gram bag of nattokinase and bid 72 dollars which was the cost of 2 bottles of pills and won it. Suddenly I could afford to take all I wanted and instead of the 1/32nd teaspoon on the bag I was taking half teaspoon fulls at a time. I really liked the way it tasted. Before it came in the mail I tried a bag of natto (the stuff from which nattokinase was extracted.) I also liked the way it tasted but didn't care for it's gritty texture. I discovered though that it made a pretty good base for salad dressing when mixed with vinegar and oil and that soaking it in the dressing decreased the gritty texture.

Almost forgot to mention that natto is the richest source of vitamin K on the planet. No other food comes close. Also nattokinase is an extract and doesn't contain much if any vitamin K.

By this time I had developed a taste for powdered natto. I watched some videos about traditional natto and the texture looked really gross. Supposedly most westerners are revolted by it as well as many Japanese. Long story short I ordered the cheapest natto I could find from Korea but it is going to take at least several more weeks to arrive in the mail. Meanwhile I turned into a dried natto junkie and used up my entire bag of natto yesterday way before the one I ordered is going to get here. I called an oriental grocery store in town and they only sold fresh natto so I bought a few packages to try but at my present dried natto consumption rate it will cost quite a bit to use them every day. I been reading that natto can be made at home. It is a cultured product and I've made a lot of cultured products (I have culture!) so I started doing some research on how to make it.

This is ironic because I haven't even tried eating the fresh natto and there's a good chance that I wont even like it!
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