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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
I am surprised that netanyahu, and israel, is not boasting about this lol
if we stand back from all of this we see that a number of things have happened recently

In france we see the jewish lobby putting pressure on macron to outlaw any questioning of zionist activities as 'anti-semitic'

In the UK we see the jewish leader of momentum, which is the power behind the corbyn throne, steering his own 'anti-semetism' witchhunt within the labour party to silence any dissent of zionist activities or any 'conspiracy theories' about jewish influence

meanwhile we have two al jazeera documentaries released that show that jewish influence does exist in both british and american politics

we see tom watson (who sings zionist songs to the jewish lobby with more gusto then he'd sing happy birthday to his own mother and who takes money from the jewish lobby) telling us that labour has an 'antisemitism problem' but what he really means is that there are labour activists who want to question zionist activities and who are questioning the role of jewish power in british politics (which we know exists from the al jazeera expose)

meanwhile we see trump allowing the jewish neocons to shape american foreign policy which at the moment is aimed at attacking venezuala which has freed itself from the neoliberal grip of the central banking fraternity and also attacking iran which does not have a rothschild central bank

the blairite labour breakaway faction also call for an end to 'anti-semitism' in the laboour party ie to silence any questioning of the role of jewish influence in british politics and in wider global affairs

So what we are seeing is jewish power asserting itself across the west through all of its lackeys and what it seems to be determined to do is silence any discussion about jewish power. it wants to criminalise it thereby removing any obstacles to its supremacy

So what i'd like jeremy corbyns supporters to do is explain to me how they can see no contradiction between the blairite faction who want to derail brexit and corbyns own position of supporting a second referendum while pushing for a customs union thereby detrailing brexit? C;early jewish power wants britain locked in the EU and the leave campaign was funded by goldman sachs!

clearly both sides in that supposed divide are seeking the same things:

-to derail brexit
-to crush and criminalise any questioning of jewish power

Clearly they are all in lockstep together so why do corbyn supporters think he's some kind of rebel? he is self-evidently NOT. he is dancing to the same tune as the blairite faction and macron and trumps neocons
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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