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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Not at all, because as I've said earlier in this thread, while I can go along with all his exposes and insightful research on history, poltics (and politicians) religions, spirituality and science...that last you tackle all this in your day to day life, still seems muzzy unless you're David Icke himself: this arrival at the point of "I am eternal consciousness experiencing itself"...well he might feel like that. I don't. But I've not had his experiences which are very personal to him. He can't just assume we've all reached the same point.
Aye good post makes sense, this is it hes just a man like us and we are constantly evolving, changing etc. its a nice theory and makes sense and ties in with a lot of other theories, we are all one etc. I wish he would take ayahuasca again, I mean the whole voice thing in infinite love why wouldnt you want to g back and speak with 'the voice' again, course everyones different as were saying...
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