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Originally Posted by super glue View Post
I was born not far away from that village and can remember the first time it showed after the long drought of 76, everything was still as it was, truly a jewel in a crown, now owned by Top Shop guru and United Utilities, Philip Green.

Here is the Dales of Yorkshire the scenery is still pretty much the same, the smaller farms are still old-ish fashioned, especially in the upper parts.
One of my friends, and old postie from Hampshire has donkeys still and goats, and there are still a few flocks of rare breeds of sheep which we spin our wool from.

But as you say, your place in Bulgaria sounds the ideal place for meditation retreat and a much simpler organic way of life, after all we only have one life to live, so why make it any harder for ourselves, reaching for skies we will never live to see.

If tha ever needs a cobbler I'm your man, not the old cobbler just yet
That sounds great i wish i could have afforded something in the UK but soon realised i could never afford any land let alone land with a house on it.

I have a lot of family in Yorkshire. Wakefield, barnsley and Dewsbury. I spent a lot of time their when i was a young teen. Its still a very beautiful place.
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