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May 2014 front page Issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine, a Hearst publication, is titled "Survival Tech Stay Alive in any Disaster" page 54.
Disaster meaning Flood, Fire, Earthquake and ??????
The teaser opening to the article says "Natural disasters are becoming more frequent, more intense, and less predictable - but technology is helping us fight back".

The cover shows a drawing of a man playing with a mini fire inferno in a
metal container called a "BioLight Campstove" in order to charge his Apple iphone device in the dark. Does it come with burn med kit?

Very strange this would be topic of a magazine right now with everything going on in world today.

OMG I'm reading it... glossing over it. IF we build 78,000 Wind turbines at sea computer models say it could lessen a hurricanes impact? 78K x 2 million per turbine = oh only $156 trillion USD. That's doable!

It's some sort of DARPA/DHS apologist blather scifi nonsense.
Drones will predict coming disasters and WARN us poor hapless folk,
new porous water absorbent streets bought and paid for by taxpayers
will keep the streets of cities in floodplains from overloading their storm drains (are you kidding me?). Who is going to pay for VOLCANO sensors
and Tsunami barriers in NYC? The people who will be housed in 10x30 foot
OH Heartbeat detectors that Homeland Security invented (yea sure oh excuse me AND NASA....) are going to help us scan crushed buildings from the top of the rubble, and don't worry they detect animal vs. human heartbeats so we won't waste precious resources digging up Lassie from that mudslide 10 store building collapse that was caused by bad zoning in mountain passes. If he's still alive call in the HSUS to dig him out we're not using critical government resources. What mad scientist makes this equipment that sensitive? How many is Los Angeles ordering?

Water purifier and solar battery ok that might be useful. I guess this is article isn't really about helping someone prepare for an emergency, just an excuse to give a hollah to advertisers who make survival equipment.

OOH oooh page 63 lists three must-have apps for survival for your smart phone. It's really frightening how the people who write this really feel
what they are doing is HELPING anybody prepare for a real disaster.

Don't bother wasting your time buying this, read it at a library if they have a subscription. What a teaser. Written in large Arial font with images like Time Magazine for people with 8th grade edumacations, but money for new fancy "survival gadgets" like a Survival Capsules (price available upon request).
On page 80 we learn about the automated home. So come disaster or not we have gadgets to play with, never fear! Thanks Popular Mechanic!
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