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Originally Posted by ponpon View Post
Cheers! I really must get hold of some more of them and read them.

Oh yeah - bit by bit for, ooh, couple of decades at the very least.
I'm obsessively Youtubing DI these days, along with other stuff.
He's become a massive hero to me - so much of what he says makes me go 'YES!!' in agreement. I especially love his emphasis on intuition.
That emphasis, in my experience, is what marks one out for ridicule/exclusion etc. but it's what rings most true to me.
Michael Tasarion is v good, ditto Mark Passio, albeit he is pretty hardcore as he is in the States. But yeah, stick around !
Space tripping, drifting away

Remember, the Rothchilds started Sci Fi and ET over a hundred years ago, even funding authors, so beware the fake ET talk, the real stuff is ok though

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