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Originally Posted by alfredo79 View Post
Years ago I listened various documentaries of Infowars about terrorism, 9/11, Bilderberg and related subjects, sometimes I listened episodes of Alex Jones Show. At that time, that material was considered interesting by me, and even now it remains of high level, aside from an idealistic view about the born of US.
In the last years, the website Infowars for what I have seen, appears too much populistic, conformed to "average Joe" thinking.
Sometimes alternative information sources have the goal to bring a bit of awake people in fields not dangerous for the system, to make them support some systemic political side, or also to give the impression that people interested to certain subjects are stupid, ignorant, factious, bigot, racist etc.
Think that's the pattern that most of us went through, I know I did.

It's blatantly apparent to some of us that we were indeed hoodwinked looking at all the evidence.

Makes you think, that Bohemian Grove documentary, did he infiltrate it or was he invited to infiltrate it.
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