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Default What if

What if, the sky is a fake image projection by the reptilians so that we don't see their spaceships in the sky?...

All images by nasa are fake, i don't believe in anything they do.
Nasa is as fake as a cow with wings, deal with it.

How do we even know that earth is a sphere if we never left earth? Only a few "selected" people "saw" it.

In my opinion everything is fake, i won't believe without seeing it by myself, seriously? ""ohh its us, nasa we took a picture of a galaxy 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000 milions light years away, please be a good cattle and believe us ""

nasa likes to keep their cattle under good control.

The moon also has been show to make people act more... Crazy? Sexual?, probably a reptilian spaceship covered up as a planet, a big mother ship, if not reptilian, maybe from another race? Or maybe just a big satellite to make people dumb.

But one fact can't be denied, the moon really does influence us, our hair, our body, etc.

Signs of the horoscope also does influence people, how is that even possible? Maybe we are in a fake reality and our signs are just a technology software to make people act with a given personality

If we were to really leave this solar system would our personality change?

So many questions, i better stop now or this will be the biggest website thread.

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