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Originally Posted by red_ram View Post
This links in with what has been stated in the Hay System diet book. The body must be kept in an alkaline state and fed with alkaline food.

I'm going to do more research on this but take a look for yourself if you have the time and see what you think.

Also, well done on beating the cancer and trying to get the word out.
I did follow the hay diet for awhile because when you look at the theory it makes a lot of sense and in practise it does to. The basic premise is - don't mix foods that fight i.e. proteins and carbs are both acid forming but require a different environment to be digested efficiently. Whereas alkaline forming veg etc. is neutral in terms of digestion. So meals should consist of protein / veg or carbs / veg but not protein and carbs together.

I did feel pretty good doing this but the only problem was I found it quite difficult to follow as I would need to eat more often as I was hungry alot more often as the stomach became so highly efficient at digesting everything. It certainly puts alot less strain on digestion though.

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