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Originally Posted by lookfar View Post
Great stuff llogun, I'm sure the people who need it most will appear in your life (or you theres) at just the right time. Thanks, your info will reach a huge amount of people if you post if on here too...
Well after all the the research i have done on cancer this is what i have found out why we get ill and get cancer. When we are born our body is in a alkaline condition and this is how are body’s are meant to be all the time alkaline. Your body also puts out 3 volts of electricity controlled by the brain and pumped around the body by the heart because your body works on electrical signals. you also have a immune system which is made up of cells organs and tissues. All 3 of these work hand in hand to keeping you healthy. When your body is in this condition you will struggle to get a cold. There’s a lot involved what i am going to say now, infact you could write a book on it so i will keep it basic because im a basic person so dont have a go at me if i have missed some things out.
The main reasons why we get ill is because are body’s have become acidic. There is 3 stages to this, beginning middle and advanced of a acid body. Beginning feeling tired headaches etc middle colds and flu Candia etc advanced cancers arthritis etc. this is just a small few but gives you a idea of how having a acid body works. The more acidic your body is the worse you will be. Now there are many reasons how your body becomes acidic. Most of it is what we put in our mouth.

When i got cancer i started to eat a lot of fish thinking it was good for me and dont get me wrong fish is good for you but not when you have got cancer and trying to get rid of cancer your self. The reason, it is very acidic. in fact once i started looking at food i couldn’t believe what food was acidic and alkaline. Apart from most fruit and veg which is alkaline everything els is acidic. There are list you can get of the internet of food to tell you what’s alkaline and acidic. So what can make your body acidic. Most foods toxins and the big one stress. acid will create even more acid in your body.

There may be things i have missed on here but i am just trying to get to the point. So why do people get cancer. From what i have learnt 99.9% of people who get cancer get cancer because there body is in a advanced acidic condition.

your ph of the blood must remain alkaline
Your body regulates its pH just like it regulates its temperature. In doing so, it will even create stress on other tissues or body systems if it must.
Since your blood MUST maintain a very narrow pH range of 7.365 To 7.40, your body will do all sorts of things in order to deal with excess acidity.
It will flush excess acids into fat cells (which is why you can't seem to lose those extra pounds)....
Or, perhaps, it will leach calcium (an alkaline mineral) from your bones in order to neutralize acids.
Your body will also stress tissues by flushing acids into them (as is the case with gout) because it can't dump these acids into the bloodstream (which must remain alkaline or you'd die).
Simply stated, chronic over acidity will interrupt all cellular activities and functions - it interferes with life itself.
When the pH of your body becomes (too acidic), you may experience low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains, and even more serious disorders like cancer

Once your body is like this your immune system will be low and the 3 volts that go around your body to help cell communication don’t work so well. What happens is your cells live of off oxygen and they need this to live. Once your body becomes in a advanced acidic condition. Oxygen starts to deplete in the body and certain cells that get starved of oxygen. once it is starved of oxygen The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. All normal body cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation.
As the cells in the body become more and more acidic the body is able to take up less oxygen creating the conditions for cancer cells to develop. This all stops cell communication in the fermented cell Cancer cells produce excess lactic acid as they ferment energy. Lactic acid is toxic, and tends to prevent the transport of oxygen into neighbouring normal cells. Over time as these cells replicate, the cancer may spread if not destroyed by the immune system. so this is how cancer can start in your body.What the doctors don’t tell you when you have cancer is not to eat sugar. Sugar feeds cancer and makes it grow biopsys can spread cancer around your body. If you ever get cancer dont panic i will give the websites you can go to, to get supplements and get your body back into a alkaline body. One thing i would like to say about cancer. You have to hit cancer with as many supplements as you can because cancer wont mess around when you have it. B17 and other supplements do work but ,when you are taking these supplements when your body is in a acidic condition its like washind dishes in dirty water. One of the main ways to get your body back into a alkaline condition is to eat alkaline foods and drink alkaline water with bh booster in it. the ph booster as got ions in it that will amplify the eletrons in your body so it will give you better cell comunication.What makes me mad about all this. CANCER CANT LIVE IN A ALKALINE BODY. so why are they giving us chemo etc and not telling us this information. Its all about money. Theres loads more to tell but basically this is why we get cancer. Detox is a must ive been useing oxye which will detox you and put oxygen back into the cells but there is loads of supplements you can get of the website that are all good. these are the websites below
Be healthy

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