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Using Your Exemption
by Moses G. Washington

The material in this essay is for educational purposes only and
not to be construed as legal advice about what you should or should not do.


The Exemption essay discussed the concept of having an exemption from having to “pay” for anything because there is no money of substance with which to “pay”. The exemption can also be thought of as an accounting of what they government owes us for everything they have taken from our parents and us without giving valuable consideration in return. That essay did not, however, discuss how to use or access the exemption. This essay will discuss how one might be able to use the exemption to discharge debt. The implications of discovering how to use the exemption would be staggering. It would mean the ability to get out from under the debt that is crushing so many people.
You could say that the current economic system has been set up for our benefit, to repay us as the beneficiaries of the trust (The Exemption essay introduced the concept of the trust). Our goal is to determine how to effectively use this system without destroying it.
Debts That Can Be Discharged
Now we’ll describe what kinds of debts can be discharged with these instruments. BoEs and bonds can only be used to discharge public debts - not private debts. But what is public debt and what is a private debt? I define private debt as debt between two living souls (man to man, man to woman, etc) and public as debt to any legal fiction or any entity created by or authorized by the government. This means the “public” would include any government entity (municipal corporation), any corporation (S Corp or C Corp), limited liability company or partnership, statutory trust, partnerships or DBA (doing business as). All “public” entities have made application and received permission to exist.

I hope this essay has assisted you in learning about the use of BoEs and bonds as possible means of accessing your exemption and discharging debt. It was meant as an introduction to this topic. It has not been my intent to tell you everything you will need to know to actually issue these instruments. There is simply too much information to convey in essay format. Do not attempt to issue these instruments using the information provided herein because far too many of the crucial details were not addressed. If you decide that you want to pursue the use of these instruments to discharge debts, I strongly advise that you seek the assistance of someone who has personal experience utilizing these instruments.

One potential source for this information is the “Remedies” section of Truth Sets Us Free web site,

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