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Originally Posted by ageispolis View Post
Hello members,

you are my last hope. I am in big trouble. I am like all of you here very interested in ufo´s, aliens, reptilians, illuminati and other things of course. So my account on youtube I use to produce good videos about cloned stars, aliens, etc and now I get since a week - i don´t know the englisch word for it - but these users want that my account gets erased there because I talk about ufos and aliens! Hello????

Its my intention right? Its my life right? Now my guestbook is full of "Heil satan with get you!" and "bastard you are! be silent! stop talking! or you will get problems!" and I get every day now such brutal evil postings and mails also! even very long mails about that I know nothing about real reptilians and just stuff like that!

Now i uploaded a nice video about a disco song and a woman is dancing to it and now the other guy says he will make youtube mods erase my account because children could see this woman dancing! hello? its a normal dance! i see the evil intention behind it!! i got since 3 years a very popular beautiful channel with over 530 uploaded videos and people love it a lot about aliens and music (i do music) and now this psychopaths!

i will loose all my friends on youtube! do you think these idiots are under reptilian mindcontrol or what? or illuminati members who think i know to much?
Sounds like trolls mate if im honest.

Believe it or not there is an unorganised army of idiots who browse threw the web just looking for any way to try and get to people, hopeing for similar results to what you typed.

There most likely young kids just typeing any shit that comes to mind.
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