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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
someone was doing some gardening in the graveyard of that church a few years back and stumbled on an old templar gravestone lying under the topsoil.

The knights of st john were also headquartered to the north west of temple at torphican

yeah i believe that the norman freemasons got their guy into power with robert the bruce
I think it was the Templars themselves who bumped him off, even though they were outsted by the Vatican, many were moles simply lying in wait.

This is why Bruce did not take up the battle until the Scottish were almost spent.

Alan Watt research says the Templar docked in Orkney and this brings in the Sinclairs as well, see their fleet of ships which he thinks they sailed for the American mainland along the North West passage that was open then allowing the colonies of Norse to be resupplied.

Everything is just toooo hand not to be related.

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