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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
Here is how the Norman bloodline first arrived and worked their way into Ireland.
they changed EVERYTHING!

They brought jewish administrators over who set about recording EVERYTHING in the land....every person, sheep, goat, cow, house you name it, it all went into the doomsday book. Our island became a giant business that day

They created the white tower in london and castles across the land not only to house all the things and money they took off the people but also to psychologically dominate the locals. Those jewish administrators set up the tax system called the 'exchequer' and a good bit later they then created the city of london banking district which is its own legal enclave.

That 'square mile' banking district sits at the centre of a global tax haven network that enables the bloodlines to keep their wealth beyond the exchequer which they created to bleed us dry with. All the recent big financial scandals have run through the city of london eg the london whale, MF Global and the LIBOR rate rigging scandal

We are under occupation and have been for a very long time
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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