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"those that control the past control the future and those who control the present control the past." (Orwell, '1984')

''a democracy ignorant of the past is not qualified either to analyse the present or to shape the future: and so, in the interests of the high Priests of Politics and the Lordly Money-Changers of Society, great care has been taken to offer us stories of useless pageantry, chronicles of the birth and death of Kings, annals of Court intrigue and international war, while withheld from us were the real facts and narrative of the moment, the loss of our ancient freedom, the rape of our common lands and the shameless and dastardly methods by which a few selected stocks snatched the patrimony of the people.''- Tom Johnston. The Poor had no lawyers p3

'Ownership of the land really means the possession of a bundle of rights over land including rights to occupy, to use, to cut peats, to cross or to fish. These rights include the important right to transfer these same rights to others. Land tenure is the legal system which defines the nature of this bundle of rights' p6

'Feudal tenure starts from the proposition that the Crown has an ultimate ownership of the land. In feudal terms, it is called the Paramount Superior. In the early days of feudalism, the crown granted feu charters ...These were documents that defined the precise rights and privileges being granted to the crown...and the feudal obligations owed to the crown'' p7

Feudal tenure was only abolished in Scotland in 2004 by the Feudal Tenure Act 2000
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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