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Originally Posted by angelthecat View Post
I think that the state of the alleged economy is proof alone that nothing is running as intended, and that would probable include diction [that depends what your definition of 'IS' is]
Clintons misunderstood quote: he asserted in court under oath "there's nothing going on between us". he was accused of perjury. And sucessfully argued that 'is' is present tense, at at the time he said it was being truthful. he 'had' been in a relationship (with lewinski), but it ended. confusing the matter is that, many stautes that use 'is' are also interprated to mean 'had'. IE the police can arrest a person who is committing a crime, could potential be interprated to include those who had commited a crime. Its not that complex or some legal code, it is just using past and present tense.
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