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Default Ormus Making

I have seen people on youtube making ormus with dead sea salt and Milk of Magnesia, magnesium hydroxide [ Mg(OH)2 ].

Are there any chemists/pharmacists/brainy ollies on the forum, that could confirm or deny that this method will work?

I have been reading on the site a site with lots of info on how to make it other ways, but not this way.

The other wet ways include using lye/strong chemicals, which would burn through your skin, and I would need to get an acid /pH reading meter.

Getting the dead sea salt was no problem, but in 2013, the EU banned milk of magnesia in Europe. It is back on the shelves now, but only the flavoured version with oil of peppermint, and I can only use the original unflavoured type.

So if I want to go ahead and make it this way, I will have to get it from the US.

So, anyone with any advice, confirm or deny that this would work on the forum?

Thanks, filbert
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