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The thing is we all have a demon within each one of us as we do an angel. People unaware or not show both aspects of this. Once a person realises the demon within themselves they can do something about it, in other words chose not to feed the demon. I too see demons within people around me as well as the angels within them. I see how they operate and pull a persons strings. I'm also aware of my own demons.

There is a way of being that makes us not compatible with demons but I think it's quite a strict way of living/being. I think the way of being that Jesus describes is the path to unlocking higher consciousness, enlightenment and being incompatible with demonic forces.

Hope your doing well unclebill. You looked like a short nosed elephant headed man with that gas mask on lol. I'd fit green led's in the windows for special effects lol.

Some of the management in royal mail definitely seem to have a demonic air about them. A psychopath fat cat mentality. Some are nice people but some are souless.

Peace, love, harmony and wisdom friend
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