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I have been following TTAC and Ty Bollinger for 3 years now. All I can say is most of what he has written and said is close to reality. I have seen a member of my family, and in the past 4 years, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances wiped out by conventional treatment, half of them are now 10 feet under, the rest trying to survive.
I have been to a cancer clinic in Tijuana and heard and seen people first hand alive and lively recovering from stage 3 and 4, positive, with high spirit who were there on their 3th and 4th annual visits - absolutely no comparison with what you see at any conventional hospital. Their success rate is close to 80%, which is pretty good considering that the majority of people who end up in Tijuana have already been severely beaten up and damaged by conventional treatment.

dumbcritic, your are a professional troll, your post are full of useless statistics, useless theories, useless studies, bogus researches conducted by some high profile educated baboons, "new therapies" that are hailed as the newest/best/brightest and turn out to be another killing machine.

You seem to endorse immunotherapy. Let me tell you something about immunotherapy. An acquaintance, late 50s, lung cancer, was told by his bright oncologist that this is the newest thing and very little side effects. I saw him after 7 months. Was told that his tumors have shrunk by 20%. The guy had shockingly aged, not much juice left in his body. They will keep hammering him; in a few months, his oncologist will be ecstatic to see his tumors shrink by another 10%, and..... the guy on his knees. Last Christmas his daughter told me she wasn't sure that she will see him alive next Christmas.

You seem to support Tamoxifen for breast cancer. Tamoxifen is a poison. dumbcritic, since you advocate Tamoxifen why don't you take a few tablets a day for a few months and prove to the rest of us that it is harmless.

You very clearly endorse, advocate and support conventional treatment; well, you know that statistics say that 45% of women and 55% of men (or vice versa, can't remember exactly) will get cancer. So YOU have 50% of getting cancer. The day you do, don't chicken out, go full force and with high confidence with conventional treatment and prove to the rest of us that it is safe and it does work, and we'll all bow to you.

Because of trolls like you I rarely post on this forum, and I think that'll be my last post.
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