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Originally Posted by techman View Post
So why are we now getting cancer charities to help children with cancer, when cancer is supposedly attributed to old age?. Why, if true, are children being diagnosed?. What's causing this?. I never saw this year's ago. I guess you could say the real "hidden" reasons are things like vaccines (proven?), mobile phone emissions (wouldn't surprise me, but again where's the proof?), unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, ie not enough vitamin D from being in the sun (yes possible, but any proof?), wifi, pollution, GMOs (proof?), etc. Maybe it's none of those, but it certainly can't be through smoking, unless kids as young as 10 are smoking.
I'm sure cancer charities have always been keen to help children. It's certainly possible a cancer rise is affecting children, but we need accurate statistics. I know there are those who will say these are impossible to get because the facts are being withheld.

Anecdotal evidence from GPs would be a help here. (Are there any on the forum?) Unfortunately no amount of anecdotal evidence counts as proof. But it's a good place to start. Poor diet, obesity, lack of exercise have all sorts of negative health implications, including cancer I expect.

We're all better informed than we were, so examples of many things get known about that would have gone unnoticed or unreported before. This often gets confused with an increasing incidence.

But before we peculate as to the cause of childhood cancers, the first thing to establish is whether there is really an increase or not. Then the causes can be investigated. I'm not medically qualified to speculate, although anybody can see that we are exposed to many environmental influences that our parents and grandparents were not exposed to. Yet our average age at death is increasing, although that doesn't always mean a pleasant last few years. It often just seems to mean we take longer to die - and what purpose does that serve if you believe 'They' are trying to kill us all...?
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