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Problems that you may have with water collection:

Stones entering system
- The recommended particle filter can cope without problem. The mesh filter is armoured.

Rain coming from asbestos roof: - No problem unless fresh intrusion/damage is/has been made upon the asbestos.

Lots of bird poop: - Not a problem for the recommended system. Neither for particle nor AC and maifan filters, any disease-carrying water will be neutralised before reaching the tanks. But regularly clean the initial particle filters (prior to the AC filter box) and others too when needed. The particle filters have transparent housing, so the dirt is visible without disconnection. To ease this problem, carry out cleaning of the (lowest only) guttering when necessary. Always use protective gloves when handling dirty filters or guttering. Do not let any cleaning water enter the system - disconnect diverter when gutter cleaning is taking place.

Flooding of system due to blockage: - This may occasionally occur during heavy rain, and although possibly compromising the AC/ Maifan filters for the period involved (until you fix the problem) the shungite and bacteria in the tanks together with the tank sump filtering will cope sufficiently against any temporary loss of water pre-filtering being present. The particle filters cannot be bypassed even if the internal system is flooded. Cause will normally be due to a dirty particle filter.

Carry out water quality testing if in doubt.

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