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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
A question!

I am within the daily recommended amount (from Solgar) but it causes dodgy stomach so I am thinking on trying a Magnesium oil. I know I am deficient because if I don't take it, I get spasm. The thing with tables is that if you overdose you get diahrea hence you won't end up over dosing it. What happens if you overdose via the dermal application? I wouldn't know if I overdose it or not, would I?
Not possible with transdermal application - It's perfectly safe - even if you soak in seawater for the whole day you will not overdose, and you don't have to worry about stomach problems, diet or loosening of stools by this method. Orally, only magnesium oil will give internal transdermal application too. My tolerance orally is perhaps higher than most, but I can often take up to 2 dessert spoons twice a day without problems. (total 60ml at 1:2.7 mix)

If you are magnesium deficient, trying to ease that deficiency by oral methods only could take up to two years.
Deficiency requires transdermal application too. Your body uses more in a day than a small pill can cope with.
Use only freshwater, distilled, ionised or mineral water to make the oil. Do not use tapwater unless the toxins and heavy metals have first been removed.
Good quality bottled water is fine.

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate is dried out sea water, so use only natural pure dead sea origin for purity and for oral use.

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