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Magnesium for Healthy Hair

Are you struggling with a dry, itchy scalp and embarrassing dandruff flakes? Do you have thinning hair? Is your hair going gray? If you’re having trouble with your hair and scalp, it could be due to a magnesium deficiency.

Read on to discover an easy way to nourish your hair and scalp back to health.
Calcium, Magnesium and Your Hair

Magnesium is responsible for helping your body absorb and use other nutrients, like calcium. Without magnesium, calcium just can’t get into your bones where it’s needed most. Instead, it can clog up arteries and form calcifications in your joints and organs.

It can also form calcium deposits on your scalp, which can lead to dryness and flaking and even hair loss. Spraying magnesium right onto your scalp can help with all of these conditions.

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If you’re experiencing dry scalp or hair loss, Ashley Glenn of writes that you should, “try using magnesium oil to massage your scalp. Scalp massages help promote blood circulation and therefore aid in the prevention of hair loss. Magnesium… dissolves the calcium deposits in the hair follicles so it has been used to fight hair loss as well. If you have hard water, then your hair and scalp may be suffering from a buildup of calcium so applying magnesium oil can help to dissolve this buildup.”

Glenn recommends making your own magnesium oil, but there are clean, natural products out there that will save you the trouble and are way easier to use. EASE Magnesium is an affordable option that won’t itch or leave your scalp feeling greasy (unlike a homemade or purchased magnesium oil).

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No need to go to all that trouble - just spray magnesium oil on with an atomiser spray (glass bottle preferably) - should not leave hair too greasy and can be left on for the whole day - caution,-some may drip down, so put towel over shoulders first. The hair will carry the oil into the scalp. Massage may be carried out beforehand just by good brushing with flexible brush first.

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