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Originally Posted by surfsteve View Post
I been posting a ton about magnesium on another thread

and I probably should have started my own quite a few posts ago. So here it is.

Rather than repost everything I'm just going to continue is from where I left off.
Originally Posted by aronia View Post
Magnesium block the absorption of calcium. Thomas Levy says that among other things must take them separately. I can not remember mean, but watch him ham talk about it for a couple of days ago , here:


PS : the Video is gone from youtube - maybe someone has reposted it somewhere who knows?

Anyway this is the best source : Doctor's Best, High Absorption Magnesium.

I take one in the morning and in the Evening. You dont get sick with this kind of Magnesium.

I take Doctor's Best, High Absorption Magnesium with Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 10,000 IU with one capusle of the best Vitamin K life Extension "Super K" and Tablet of Source Naturals Hyaluronic Joint Complex, and one capsule of Life Extension "Bones Restore" all these need to be taking together to the absolute best effect on your body and mind. I take them under or after my breakfast and under or after my dinnar.

Anyway i got professonal advices and tests an Homeopath and nutrition consultant since December 2007 from some who has spend he life helping people in a another way.

I guess i'm better of than most because he. She done test on me for many years every year to see if i get everything i need - now only im going their 1-2 times every year.

My friend has done the research very well.

Doctor's Best, High Absorption Magnesium, 120 Tablets

Doctor's Best, High Absorption Magnesium, 100% Chelated with Albion Minerals, 240 Tablets

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