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Originally Posted by surfsteve View Post
I never realized that you were supposed to boil the water and melt the magnesium flakes to make magnesium oil. Can you really dissolve an entire cup of flakes in a cup of water that way? Though I take loads of magnesium already I ordered some flakes to give it a try because magnesium if one of my favorite supplements if not my most favorite.
Sorry I did not word it very well steve, it cannot be done in a cup - but don't boil the water - Pour the cups into a pan and just heat it and stir for a couple of minutes. The flakes will melt into the water (as if you were making jelly), then let it cool down.
1 cup water to one of magnesium chloride, unless you find it stings, in which case use an extra cup of water. That can be added when cold, no problem. I use 1:2 mix because I find the 1:1 is too sticky and too prickly for my skin. Many of the ready made oils which cost ten times more are around 27% strength which is 1:2.7
Use only the purest magnesium chloride from the dead sea if you are going to use orally. I put mine into old milk containers and spray bottle. 1kg flakes should make maybe 2 litres of oil. Good Luck! I hope you like it - It's a nice cheap and versatile way to get large doses of magnesium into the body. A couple of hours in the gym would probably use most of the day's supplement.(and more). The flakes and oil will both keep well stored. I just make one or two litres at a time as I need it. The larger tubs of flakes work out cheaper.

For toothpaste add some magnesium oil of your preferred ratio to a small container of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and stir until you obtain a paste to your liking (it gets runnier and thinner the more magnesium oil that you add.
The toothpaste mix can be just rubbed into feet (or toenails) if you have a fungal infection, it takes away the itch too, and cures the problem.(with toenails rub into nails and get some under the end of the nail too)
I am going to try some with baking soda as a shampoo for my hair tomorrow, I shall let you know how I get on.

P.S. Use only pure or distilled water. otherwise it may be compromised.
You have done a great job with the thread - everybody needs more magnesium.

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