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Originally Posted by castle story View Post
Yesterday (Tuesday) The Sun and The Mirror ran their front pages about a fantatical Muslim terrorist who had been convicted for life for his involvement in a plot to capture and behead a solider, saying he had attacked a prison guard and stabbed him.

The story was not true. The incident had happened on Sunday so there had been plenty of time for the papers to check their facts before publishing, particularly considering what they were going to publish would be very inflammatory in a highly, already, tense situation.

It mattered not. The important thing was they were able to convey the message that fanatical muslims want to behead people, in bold headlines.

Both Sun and Mirror edited their stories online during the day after a Ministry of Justice statement. Millions of copies of the papers had already been sold.

Now on the Mirror site:-


* The Mirror would like to make clear that, contrary to our earlier report, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that Parviz Khan, who is serving a life sentence for plotting to behead a British solider, was not involved in kidnapping a prison guard at Full Sutton jail, near York, on Sunday.
.....but it later emerged he is not an inmate at Full Sutton.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "An incident involving three prisoners took place at HMP Full Sutton on 26 May from 4.25pm and was successfully resolved at 8.40pm after staff intervened.

"A police investigation is ongoing."

er, where is he an inmate then, after this unusual coincidence??

K998765 ‏@K998765
#CRLOC38 Birmingham 9-10-2013 Court 15 U20131321 Parviz KHAN (WORC T20137019) For Pre-Trial Review - Case Started - 10:16
2:41 AM - 9 Oct 13 [10:41 AM]

09-10-2013 Birmingham Crown Court 15 U20131321
parviz khan (worc t20137019)
Details: For Pre-Trial Review - Case Started - 10:16
11-09-2013 Worcester Crown Court 1 T20137019
**** ****
Details: Custody Time Limit application - Case to be listed for Trial on 28-Oct-2013 - 11:03
15-04-2013 Worcester Crown Court 2 T20137019
**** ****
Details: Plea and Case Management - Case Started - 14:14
Plea and Case Management - Case to be listed for Trial on 09-Sep-2013 - 14:2

is this related?

It was an absurd story because the address of Khan was freely available on the web at Long Lartin Prison in Worcestershire since April 2013:

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