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Originally Posted by willoweyes View Post

You know nothing about me Sandwarrior - only what I have chosen to post on here.
Which is quite a lot.

I take nothing personally - only from those who are in my life
You should never take anything personally, because it never is

And as for "we can let our side out that we don't in public" - what that translates as is.....

You are not true to yourself or what you believe in, you live with a mask firmly fixed to your face, this shows a lack of self belief, a lack of trust in your values, and fear.
No, that is a mirror of your feelings, it has to be

In reality, what it means is that people are happy in their bubble in real life and they don't like to hear anything that effects their bubble, so it is best not to say anything, people don't appreciate it.

So all I can do is show people with my behaviour.

I use these forums to test my theories and reassure myself of peoples un conscious behaviour.

And I am truly thank full for everyone who helps me do this, even if they are unconscious of the fact.

I remember you telling me that you would never bring this up to someone in everyday life - why not? What is it you're afraid of? Ridicule? Confrontation?
See above, I hope you understand.

I suspect you force your values on people in real life from what you have just told me.

It's ok, you will see it one day

Those things I have chosen to tell about myself on here are true and what I stand by - be it up against you, or up against any person in my real everyday life.
See above.

If people don't like me for it they can whistle up their ring piece
See above

Edit: I told you nothing about my sex life either
And I wouldn't expect you to.
Eating a lamb for the way it tastes is exactly the same as eating a songbird for the way it sounds.


Enlightenment is: Absolute co-operation with the inevitable.
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