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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
Yep, I remember Willis with that run-up! That performance at Headingley to save the Ashes was something else. Of all the Windies bowlers, I think Marshall is regarded as the greatest because of his consistency, even with so many other greats such as Holding, Garner etc.

I always enjoyed Randall, a really unorthodox batsman whom you never knew what he'd do next. Great fielder as well. Botham, Robin Smith and Allan Lamb were my favourite England batsmen, Alec Stewart and Pieterson later on.

I've gotten into 20/20 a little more, but that's after many years of resisting it!
The documentary looks fun. The trailer focusing on the "injuries". Lol.

In London back then most of the black kids would be supporting the Windies against England. Fine by me, the supporters made it all the more exciting. So, spill the beans, Decode, who were you rooting for?
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