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Default Fire In Babylon - cricket documentary

The West Indies cricket team that emerged in the mid 70s really got me into cricket, and this is a brilliant documentary. Not only does it reflect on what a formidable and entertaining side they were, it gives the social and cultural backdrop to their success.

Their emergence was as much a product of post-ww2 political dynamics as Muhammad Ali's, without being as outspoken as Ali. It's the story of a team that had long been regarded as underdogs which then went on to dominate the sport for fifteen consecutive years.

It's also the story of how individuals from various islands in the Caribbean region, each with their own differences- islands that had been part of the British colonial empire until the 1960s - were able to come together and unite, becoming the leading players in a sport that had been the sole preserve of the ruling classes.

Their story is about the sport per se, but it's also bigger than the game of cricket. At a time when there was little money to be made in the game, they really played for pride, to inspire/entertain their audience, and to use cricket as a platform to express their view of the times.


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