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Originally Posted by white light View Post
Necrophilia is an extreme form of masturbation. Fetishistic. Highly tabboo. The desire probably only exists because of the tabboo. Legalising it is unlikely to break the tabboo.

Should people be allowed to explore their darkest fetishistic tendencies or is it better to realise that that would be being caught up in mind games.

It’s also a symptom of the labelling we have in society and that odd notion of “owning” those labels. Especially when it comes to sexuality. You are either this label or that label or whatever. Psy op. You are infinite consciousness, ’tis all.
I read somewhere that necrophilia is mainly the province of "psychotic males", though I also saw a documentary in which a woman who worked in a morgue would take the corpses of handsome young men into the forest and "do sexual things" to them.

I think people should be allowed to explore their darkest fetishistic desires (between consenting adults) but they should also realise that they might be caught up in mind games.
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