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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Such entities have been described as plasma beings ... (the forth state of mater charged particles) , they exist in another dimension but when they interact with us it's through the medium of electricity , orbs , organised faintly charged spherical structures that are visible on camera.

We are bio-electric creatures , when in heightened intense states ... fear , anger , sex ... we are emitting more electrical force which the orbs can get a charge from... So that's their game , to put humans in excited states... create arguments , wars ...

It seems the reptilians do not feed directly in this way , but maybe subtly under the influence of plasma beings , who cause them , via the manipulations of human Illuminati, to try to create wars distress and conflict in humanity ...

So "our energies" means just that ... they effectively take our energy ... after being in an intense argument you have expended energy and feel drained , and the plasma beings have received a charge from your over excited aura(electric emanation) .....
Shit, why didnt you say so in the first place.

Non measurable or detectable magic "plasma beings" in another dimension are deliberately annoying everybody to take undefined energy in immeasurable amounts. Of course.
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