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Depends on their agenda. You have been taught that they are more than us. Most of them have a IQ no higher than you in this form. Most of them do not have a soul. A lot of them have a stable home unlike Earth. Now do not be surprised if most of them have used builder race technology and have nothing much they can call their own. If we had honest government we would have the same thing. The governments of the world are using tech to find these areas of technology. They hid them from us. Do you remember the Vimana they found in the Middle East? They said it was protected by a time well. The name time well was not invented on the spot. It is not the first time they ran into them. One find that did surprise them was the Holographic Library in the Bucegi Mountains. One of the more honest governments wanted to disclose. They do not want you to know. To hold this tech and keep you in slavery, economically and gouge you for little bits at a time they keep you in the dark and feed you BS, mushrooms. The bad and ugly among the aliens are glad they have the program in place to hide their existence. What ever threats there are, are hidden from you. Doesn't that sound lovely?
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